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Evaluation Form

Evaluation of HPCSA CPD Accredited Activity

Evaluation of HPCSA CPD Accredited Activity
Instructions Please complete this anonymous feedback questionnaire to allow the quality of CPD to be monitored and continually improved. The extent to which you enjoyed and valued this learning experience is important. Thank you for your participation.
Select the most appropriate response:
1 The program met its stated objective *
2 Overall this activity met my expectations *
3 The program content was relevant to my professional word *
4 The program extended my knowledge *
5 The duration and timing was appropriate *
6 The teaching format was appropriate for the subject matter *
7 The method of presentation enhanced my learning experience *
8 The audio-visual materials enhanced the presentation *
9 This CPD activity was good value for money *
10 This activity was useful and caused me to learn something valuable *
11 The venue was conducive to learning *
12 Physical facilities were adequate and appropriate *
13 I would recommend this CPD activity to my colleagues *
14 This activity will assist in the improvement of my professional performance *
15 This activity will assist in the improvement of my competence *
16 The program was presented at an appropriate pace conduce to learning *
17 Instructors presented the material effectively, with knowledge and clarity *
18 Instructors provided adequate and helpful feedback *
19 Integrated applied examples illustrated real-world context *
Please rate the presenter’s overall effectiveness:
Presenter’s name *
Presenter’s name *

Thank you for your participation!